Audi TT

Noted for its exceptional style when it was first launched, the Audi TT has gone on to become one of the most popular cars in its class. The TT’s daring, fresh look guaranteed it a place in the public eye. Where it has been since it’s debut.


Before the launch of the TT, Audi had been better known for delivering conservative but practical sound cars. The TT changed Audi’s image and the public’s expectations of Audi. Skeptics did not predict the TT to be as widely embraced as it was. Buyers immediately loved the TT’s interior and exterior qualities.


Audi’s compact coupe was smaller than rival coupes, but buyers didn’t seem to mind. They eagerly adjusted for a car that literally made people stop and stare. The Audi TT is small and requires some sacrifices as far as space is concerned, but drivers swear that owning one is well worth it.


The little Audi is not a bad driving experience, it is just small and has some of the characteristics associated with small cars. The Audi TT sports a rapid 3.2 V6, and the front wheel drive version is offered to those who want the show-stopping looks without the actual speed.



If the buyer doesn’t get too carried away with all the extras that are offered with this package then their investment should be a good deal of its value. With its 1.8 petrol motor the TT gets great fuel economy. Repairs aren’t too costly when performed routinely, but when driven too enthusiastically, maintenance can prove to be more costly.


The TT focuses on driver pleasure and all out style, but it is actually a very practical machine too. The boot is larger than it appears from the exterior and can hold its fair share of cargo. There are numerous cargo caddies located in the interior cabin as well.


As with most Audi’s, the controls and displays are easily accessible and function very well. There are no major concerns with the TT’s controls. The red backlight can make the displays difficult to view at night. Despite the cars sport, petite appearance, an average sized passenger will find the car quite comfortable.


The Audi would not be easily accessible for everyone. The car sits low to the ground, and though the seating is fairly spacious larger passengers may have a good deal of trouble loading and unloading.


The TT’s mirrors offer a good rearview to assist with parking. The thick pillars block a good portion of the view for parallel parking though and the driver must be able to navigate using the external mirrors. The steering offers little resistance and handles well.


Life Style

The Audi TT is a pretty car but it has been designed to deliver much more than good looks. The car is exhilarating to drive and a thrilling experience for the passenger. There are several engine options available depending on a person’s driving needs and wants.


The Audi TT is not a family car. There is only seating available for the driver and one passenger. There is very limited cargo space and overall this vehicle would not accommodate a family. It could be used as a second car for a family.


The TT would also not make a very good first car. It can be a fast car with more power than expected. New drivers could easily find themselves way out of their league in the little TT. This car comes with a fairly expensive price tag and insurance for a new driver would be very high.


The TT put Audi on the map image wise. The unbeatable sporty style keeps buyers wanting more. However, the car delivers more than just good looks and style, it is a well-built, quality ride. The quality isn’t just limited to the exterior. The interior boasts the same great quality and high standards.


Security and Safety

The Audi TT has tremendous curb appeal. That is why it is reassuring to know that it has several quality security features. The Audi is equipped with remote central locking, and an anti-theft system that utilizes sensors inside of the cabin.


The TT Coupe comes standard with twin front and side airbags. The coupe also has Isofix mountings for child safety seats. ABS is also a standard feature, as well as extra stability and traction measures.


The Finishing Touches

The stereo system is probably the most disappointing part of the TT. It comes with a standard stereo/cassette player, and must be upgraded to a CD player. There are several additional upgrades offered. The sound quality is good, and improves with each upgrade.


TT’s most popular color is the silver metallic hue that is seen everywhere. The little coupe looks good in most of the colors offered. The lighter colors tend to take the premium shine off the car though.

 Audi TT


Although the TT isn’t just about good looks, it’s also true that there are competitors who offer coupes with better handling. Even this fact doesn’t change the reality that buyers are still as in love with the little Audi as they were when it was first introduced. The TT offers a welcome balance of style and functionality.